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Local Decision-making: What That Means For You

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When real people are reviewing your loan applications, real relationships make all the difference.

When Highlands Community Bank was first established in 2002, we sought to be a reflection of our community. We saw the need for a community bank that uplifts the community with banking products and services paired with real relationships.

We believe that community banks can better serve local residents and businesses because we know the market, we know the people, and we know how we can best help.

What Does Local Decision-Making Mean?

The biggest thing that sets us apart as a community bank is our ability to keep decision-making in-house – within the walls of our branches. We’re not sending your application to a remote corporate office miles and miles away. And, we’re not running it through an algorithm to measure your profitability.

When we review your applications, we look for something different. We look for a history of trustworthiness. We look for promise in your contribution to the community. We look for the grit that it takes to run a successful business or rehabilitate an old home. We empower our loan officers to make decisions to support the community in the most fast, flexible, and localized way we can.

How Does This Help the Community?

When a financial institution is built to have the community that they serve best interest in mind, incredible things happen. New businesses are able to open on Main Street. Families are able to move into the area to grow the economy. Long-standing, legacy businesses are able to maintain their landmark buildings. Without a thriving community, we’re just another bank. That’s not good enough. We want to be your community bank.

How To Get Started

If you’re ready to take the plunge on your business idea or finally build that extra room on your home, we’d love to help you get there. Visit one of our three locations to begin the conversation.

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